Friday, June 15, 2007

Things that happened on Thursday, June 14th.

Thursday is always "Take in the Recycling Day." You can barely see it, but in the shopping cart is the blue Rubbermaid container where we put all the recyclables. Actually the brand is called Homez. I think the brand marketing people were thinking "What is a new, cutting edge way to spell homes?" and this is what they came up with. If I were their boss, I'd fire them. No question. THAT'S the best they could do?! Pathetic. Besides, Andrea and I alway pronounce it Homeys, just to get a kick out of it.Needless to say I was extremely pleased to see that gas prices have dropped recently in Bloomington. $2.99 a gallon! Sa-weet! Buy low, sell high, right? Too bad it still cost me 39 bucks to fill'er up. Andrea had her PhD. qualifying exams today. The mere thought just sends shivers down my spine. Imagine about eight straight hours of hand-cramping typed responses on essays regarding your field of study. Geeeww.... However, she had a performance that rivaled Nadia in Montreal, at the '76 Olympics. To celebrate, she cooked this amazing meal with clam shell pasta and a chicken, asparagus, mushroom sauce. Accompanied with a bottle of Rosenblum Zinfandel, the word spectacular doesn't even begin to describe arrangement. For the past week or so I've been trying to solve this Rubik's Cube. Once I acheived the halfway point, my frustration almost drove me to stand on our front porch and pitch the wretched toy into a nearby parking lot. Looking for advice and tips, I turned to the Internet. So, I can't say I solved it completely on my own, but I just look at it as using my resourcefulness. Geeesh, was I happy to get that thing solved.

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